Volvariella volvacea (Straw Mushroom)

Volvariella volvacea ( Straw mushroom, Paddy straw mushroom) is a species of mushroon cultivated throughout East and Southeast Asia. This mushroom is used extensively in Asian cuisine. It is available fresh in Asia, but are more frequently found in canned or dried form outside their nations of cultivation.

Straw mushrooms are grown on rice straw beds and picked immature, before the caps open. The mushrooms are adaptable and mature in 4-5 days. They are most successfully grown in subtropical climates with high annual rainfall such as in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

Straw mushrooms has the similarity in appearance to death cap mushroom (Amanita phalloides). A mistake in picking can lead to lethal mushroom poisoning. Both looks the same in the early 'button stage'.

Volvariella volvaceaVolvariella volvacea
Author: Chong Fat (public domain)

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