Veronica is a genus of flowering plants in the family Plantaginaceae, comprising 500 species. It was formerly classified in the family Scrophulariaceae. Veronica is also known as Speedwell, Bird's eye, and Gypsyweed. Most species are from temperate Northern Hemisphere, with some species from the Southern Hemisphere.

Veronica species are herbaceous annuals and perennials. They can be grown in mixed and herbaceous garden, and the smaller species are suitable for rock garden. Veronica species are used as food plants by larvae of some Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) species such as Grizzled Skipper.

Veronica americana is a plant native to temperate and Arctic Asia and North America. It is also known as American speedwell or American brookline, and is usually found in streams and bottomland. Veronica americana is a herbaceous perennial bearing spikes of soft violet flowers. It is edible and nutritious, with the flavor similar to that of watercress.

Veronica gentianoides (Gentian Speedwell) is a hardy perennial, with dark green, slightly scalloped leaves, and produces pale blue or white flowers in erect racemes in early summer.

Veronica is easy to grow, and grows well in sun and in well-drained soil. Propagation is by seed in autumn and division in spring. Mildew is a disease known to attack Veronica plants.

Veronica austriacaVeronica austriaca
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Veronica chamaedrysVeronica chamaedrys
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Veronica fruticulosaVeronica fruticulosa
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Veronica prostrataVeronica prostrata
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Veronica teucriumVeronica teucrium
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Veronica spicataVeronica spicata
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