Valeriana is a genus of flowering plants in family Valerianaceae. It contains annuals and evergreen shrubs, but it is the perennial that is well known. Valeriana have aromatic foliage and summer flowers. They are suitable for cortage gardens and mixed borders or simply plant them in wild garden.

Valeriana officinalis( common valerian, garden heliotrope) has aromatic, bright green leaves of up to 20cm long and produces clusters of tiny pink or white flowers.

V. phu 'Aurea' is grown for its aromatic foliage which can changed colors from bright golden-yellow in spring to bright green in summer. It bears clusters of small white flowers.

Plant Valeriana in sun or shade and moisture-retentive soil. Propagation is by seed and division in spring. Valeriana officinalisValeriana officinalis
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Valeriana alliariifoliaValeriana alliariifolia
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Valeriana tiliifoliaValeriana tiliifolia
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Valeriana arizonicaValeriana arizonica
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Valeriana faurieiValeriana fauriei
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