Trollius is a genus of flowering plants in family Ranunculaceae, comprising about 30 species. It has common names called Globeflower or Globe Flower. Trollius is native to the cool temperate regions of the Northern Hemispheres, with the highest species diversity in Asia.

Trollius is a herbaceous perennial plant with large, bright yellow flower, while some plants have orange to lilac colored flowers. It is among the most colorful of all spring-flowering bog garden plants. Some species are popular ornamental flowers and also cut flowers. Trollius species are also food plants for larvae of Lepidoptera species such as Silver-ground Carpet.

Trollius chinensis bears orange-yellow flowers of 5 cm across, above the finely divided green leaves during midsummer.
Trollius europaeus is native of Europe and western Asia, and is a protected species in Bulgaria. It is a rather variable plants with deeply divided, mid-green leaves. During late spring and early summer, bright yellow, globe-shaped flowers of about 5 cm are borne on erect stems.

Trollius usually grow well in sun or partial shade, in fertile and water-retentive soil. The plant prefers reliably moist soil, but they will not grow in waterlogged soil or shallow water.

Propagation is by ripe seed or division in spring. Mildew is known to affect the growth of Trollius.

Trollius europaeusTrollius europaeus
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Trollius chinensisTrollius chienesis
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Trollius albiflorusTrollius albiflorus

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Trollius asiaticusTrollius asiaticus
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