Tricholoma terreum

Tricholoma terreum is a gray-capped edible mushroom commonly known as Grey Knight or Dirty tricholoma, due to its discolored gills. It can be found in coniferous woodlands in Europe where fruiting bodies appear under conifers, such as pine and spruce, from late summer to late autumn.

The convex or flat cap is 4-7 cm wide and is covered in fine grey scales. The stipe is bare, 3-8 cm high and 1.5 cm wide, with no ring or volva. The white flesh is thin and easily broken, with a pleasant mild smell and taste. The gills are widely spaced and unattached to the stipe.

Tricholoma terreum could be confused with the larger and poisonous Tricholoma pardinum which has a mealy smell and scaly cap.

Tricholoma terreum is regarded as a good edible mushroom with mild taste. It needs to be eaten within a day or two of picking since the gills and flesh yellow and easily spoilt.

Tricholoma terreumTricholoma terreum
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Tricholoma terreumTricholoma terreum
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Tricholoma terreumTricholoma terreum
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