Terms & Condition for Using this Website

  1. The first person pronoun (I, me, my, mine) refers to the owner of this website, Timothy Tye.
  2. The information provided in this website is believed to be correct, to the best of my knowledge and endeavor. I will update it from time to time whenever I discover any inaccuracy or information that is outdated.
  3. Almost all the photographs appearing on this website that are taken by me bears a date caption showing the approximate date when the photograph was taken. Photographs are not removed just because they are "out of date", and are purposely shown to provide an understanding of how a sight appears at the given date.
  4. My permission needs to be sought whenever any of my photographs are to be used, whether for commercial or non-commercial usage. There is usually no charge when permission is granted for the use of photographs that are already displayed on my website.
  5. Photographs caption under other person's names are not owned by me, and are used by me according to the licensing as shown captioned to the photographs. The use of these photographs is governed by the license and I am not in any position to grant permission to use these photographs to a third party.
  6. There is a fee charged for licensing the use of high-resolution copies of my photographs for commercial and non-commercial usage.
  7. You are allowed to reference what I have written on this website. When referencing what I said, you should mention where you derive the information, and if what you are writing is a webpage or blogpost, place a link back to my page where you got the information. You should never copy what I say word for word, but should say it in your own words.

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