Suillus luteus

Suillus luteus is an edible fungus commonly known as Slippery Jack or Sticky Bun. The name refers to the brown cap which is characteristically viscid in wet condition. Suillus luteus is a common fungus indigenous to coniferous forests of Eurasia and North America, in coastal and montane pine forests.

Suillus luteus has brown, convex cap and can grow up to 12 cm at maturity. It is slimy to the touch, bare, smooth, and glossy even when dry. The cuticle is easily peeled off. The pale yellow stipe can grow up to 10 cm tall and 3 cm thick, with a ring, sometimes with a swollen base. The underside of the ring is dark brown to violet. The white flesh of the entire fungus does not discolor when damaged, soft in mature specimens and frequently infested with larvae.

Suillus luteus prefers acidic and nutrient-deficient soil, and fruiting occurs in spring and summer, following periods of wet weather. The mushroom is usually marinated and is considered a delicacy in Russia. The slime coating must be removed before cooking to avoid indigestion, and it has known to cause allergic reactions in some people due to high levels of arabitol.

Suillus luteusSuillus luteus
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Suillus luteusSuillus luteus
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Suillus luteusSuillus luteus
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Suillus luteusSuillus luteus
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