The Rose, or by its scientific name Rosa, is one of the most popular of flowering plants. Within this genus are about two hundred different species found throughout the northern hemisphere. The name Rose comes from the Latin Rosa, a name that has already been used since Roman times.

Rose hips are rich in Vitamin C. Pressed and filtered, they make rose-hip syrup. The hips can also be used to make herbal tea, jam and marmalade.

Rose is one of my favourite flowers. I started growing it even as a kid. Roses are not the easiest plants to grow, as they are prone to be destroyed by bugs. I remember going into my garden at night with a torchlight just to hunt for bugs.

Botanical Name Rosa
Family Rosaceae
Type Garden Plant
Position Roses are hardy plants. Roses prefer a slightly acidic soil.
Care Roses need plenty of light and ventilation. Roses may be planted at any time they are dormant - in Europe, this could be November to March. Autumn planting is best.
Watering Keep the soil reasonably moist in spring and autumn. Roses tolerate lime and will not be harmed by fairly hard tap water.
Repotting Best done in autumn. Second choice spring.
Propagation Professional growers propagate roses through grafting.
Pest and diseases The most serious disease affecting rose is rose rust, which is a type of rust fungus that defoliate the plant. Rose black spot, caused by the fungus Diplocarpon rosae, causes circular black spots on the leaves. For fungal diseases, prevention is better than cure, and can be avoided by regular spraying of fungicide.
Aphids are the main insect pest of rose plants. The natural predator of aphids are ladybirds, so this should be encouraged to thrive in a rose garden.

Rose Photo Album

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Rose Hybrid Tea JacriteRose Hybrid Tea Jacrite
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