Rapini (Brassica rapa - Ruvo group)

Rapini (Brassica rapa - Ruvo group) is a leaf vegetables in the family Brassicaceae, originating in the Mediterranean and China. It is common and famous vegetable in southern Italy, northwestern Spain and China cuisines. It is also known as Broccoli Raab (or Rabe), Broccoletti, Rappi, rappone, raab, rapa, rapine, rappi, rappone, fall and spring raab, turnip broccoli, taitcat, Italian, Chinese broccoli, turnip broccoli, or Cime di Rape.

Rapini is not related to broccoli, even though it has broccoli's name. It is closely related to turnip. The many spiked leaves are grown surrounding a green bud which look quite similar to a small head of broccoli, with many small yellow flowers blooming from the buds. Rapini is grown for its long-standing, tasty mustard-like tops and the multiple small florets with clusters of broccoli-like buds. A good quality rapini will have bright-green leaves that are upright, crisp, and not wilted.

Rapini is used widely in Italian and Chinese cuisine. The stems are generally uniform in size and need no peeling. However, they may become tougher as the rapini age. The stem can be removed up to where the leaves begin, and sauteed before adding the leaves to the pan. The leaves, stems and flower heads are usually broiled, stir-fried, braises, sauteed, or steamed. The flavor is described as nutty, bitter and pungent.

Rapini is rich in vitamine A, C, and K, and potassium.

Rapini (Brassica rapa - Ruvo group)Rapini (Brassica rapa - Ruvo group)
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