Poblano is a variety of relatively mild chili pepper of Capsicum annuum, originating in the State of Puebla, Mexico. When dried, it is called ancho chile.

The heat level of poblano is ranged from 1000-1500 SHU (Scoville Heat Unit). Even though it is mild flavor, occasionally and unpredictably a poblano can be quite hot. Different peppers from the same plant can have varying levels of heatness.

Poblano is one of the most popular pepper growns in Mexico. It is a multi-stemmed plant and can grows up to 25 inches high. The pod is about three-six inches long, and two-three inshes wide. When young, the poblano is dark green in color, and turns to a deep dark red as to black when ripe.

Poblano peppers can be dried, coated in whipped egg (capeado) and fried, stuffed, or in mole sauces. It is an important ingredient used in preparing the sophisticated dish called Chiles en Nogada, during Mexican independence festivities, and considered as one of Mexico's national dishes. The dish consists of picadilla-filled poblano, topped with walnut-based cream sauce and pomegranate seeds, representing the Mexican flag. Poblano is also popular in United States, and can be found in grocery stores in the states bordering Mexico and in urban areas.

Poblano can be preserved by either canning or freezing, after it has been roasted and peeled, a process which improves the texture by removing the waxy skin. Storing poblanos in tight containers will keep for for several months.

When dried, poblano becomes a broad, flat, heart-shaped pod called ancho chile (meaning wide in Spanish). Ancho chile is often ground into a powder used for flavoring dishes. Mole poblano is referred to the spicy chocolate chili sauce originating in Puebla.

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Chiles en nogadaChiles en nogada
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Mole PoblanoMole Poblano
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