Piri-piri (African Devil, African Bird's Eye or African red devil) is a variety of extremely hot chili pepper of species Capsicum frutescens, that grows both wild and domesticated.

Piri piri, Pili pili or Peri peri is the name used in Mozambique for this chili pepper. The various spellings for this chili pepper is due to the pronunciations of the words in parts of Africa, although piri-piri is the correct spelling in Portuguese.

Piri-piri plant is a bushy plant and can grow to 45-120 cm tall, bearing green leaves of 4-7 cm long and 1.3-1.5 cm wide. The fruit is a slender, long and tapered to a blunt point pod measuring 2.5 cm long, green when young and mature to a bright red or purple color. Piri-piri is ranged at 50,000-175,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Unit), a very hot chili pepper.

Piri-piri is often used in Mozambique cuisines in preparing sauces and marinades for roast and grilled dishes, especially chicken and various fishes. It is also widely used in Portuguese cuisines.

Piri-piri sauce is the hot East African sauce made from dried and soaked piri-piri chilis, a staple condiment used in accompanying many East African soups and stews.

Ripe and unripe Piri-piriRipe and unripe Piri-piri
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Dried piri-piriDried piri-piri
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