Phallus indusiatus

Phallus indusiatus is an edible, stinkhorn fungus growing in bamboo thickets in China. It has English common names like Long net stinkhorn, bridal veil fungus, crinoline stinkhorn, or veiled lady, whilw it is known as bamboo fungus or bamboo pith. It is usually used in Yunnan and Canton cuisine. I

A mature stinkhorn can grow to about 30 cm tall, girded with a net-like structure, which hangs down arounf 15 cm from the conical cap. The skirt's netlike opening may be polyhedral or round in shape. The conical cap is 2-4 cm high, and covered with a greenish-brown slime called gleba. The stalk is 7-25 cm tall and 0.2-0.5 cm in diameter.

Phallus indusiatus reproduces by producing a sticky spore mass on their tip which has a sharp, sickly-sweet odor of carrion to attract bees and flies. The smell can be detected from a distancein the woods, and the odor is extremely repulsive in close range. the flies or bees land in the gleba and consume the slime, depositing it as an excrement elsewhere.

Phallus indusiatusPhallus indusiatus
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Phallus indusiatusPhallus indusiatus
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Phallus indusiatusPhallus indusiatus
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