Parthenocissus is a genus of climbing plant in family Vitaceae, containing about 10 species. It is native to Asia and North America. Parthenocissus is commonly known as Virginia Creeper, as it has the ability to form seeds without pollination.

Parthenocissus is a clinging climber, has deciduous foliage with wonderful autumn color. The plant is useful for covering walls and fences as it cling by means of suckering pads. It is also a refuge for a wide range of wildlife. It can also grown into a deciduous tree.

Larvae from some Lepidoptera species like the Brown-Tail and The Gothic use Parthenocissus as food plant.

Plant Parthenocissus in sun or shade, fertile and well-drained soil and it need minimal care. Propagation is by seed in autumn, softwood cuttings in early summer, greenwood cuttings in midsummer and hardwood cutting in winter.

Parthenocissus quinquefoliaParthenocissus quinquefolia
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Parthenocissus tricuspidataParthenocissus tricuspidata
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Parthenocissus vitaceaParthenocissus vitacea

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