Odontoglossum is a genus of orchid in the family Orchidaceae, comprising about 100 species. In the horticultural trade, the abbreviation for this genus is Odm. Odontoglossum is derived from the Greek words odon (tooth) and glossa (tongue), for the tooth-like calluses on the lip. It was first described in 1816 by Karl Sigismund Kunth, a German botanist. Odontoglossum can be found growing in the humid cloud forest at high altitute in Central and South America. It is cultivated for its fragrant, spectacular and flamboyant flowers of varying sizes. The flowers have ruffled sepals and petals, with colors vary widely among species, from white, yellow, brown, red, purple, or blotched with a showy blend of many colors.

Odontoglossum orchids are epiphytes and produce compact, ovoid pseudobulbs with one to three narrow, apical leaves. The inflorescence grows from the pseudobulb base, and produces stems that are arching or erect. The lip is entire or with three lobes, standing erect or parallel to the long column. The number of orchids carry on the stems is depending on species. Odontoglossum cirrhosum (Wavy Odontoglossum), a high altitude species, has long inflorescences with up to 150 flowers; while the lower altitude species have shorter inflorescences with up to 20 flowers. Each flower is 2 cm to 15 cm across.

Most Odontoglossum and their hybrids grows well in intermediate temperature ranges from 75-85F during day time and 60-65F at night. They prefer filtered, subdue light (1,000 to 1,500 foot-candles), and grow best when the roots are tightly confined. They also like high humidity, preferably between 55%-75%, with as much ventilation or air movement as possible without any cold draft. The leaves should be bright green as opposed to dark green or reddish green. Reddish green indicates too much light while dark green indicates not enough light. Odontoglossum must be kept continually moist (but not soggy and waterlogged). Never let the bottom of the pot to stand in water. Generally it require more water while the new shoot is growing and less once the bulb has formed.

Odontoglossum grande (Tiger Ochid) is an evergreen epiphytes orchid native to Mexico and Honduras, bearing broadly oval, stiff leaves. It is 15 cm tall with spikes of 4-8 rich yellow flowers, produced in autumn. Each flower is 15 cm across and heavily marked with chetnut brown.

Odontoglossum cordatum has oval pseudobulbs and flower stalks of 30cm to 40 cm long, bearing five to six flowers in a loose raceme. Each flowers are up to 8cm across with small petals, and yellow to brown patches. The lip is heart shaped, white with a few brown patches.

Odontoglossum crispum is an evergreen, epiphytic orchid for a cool greenhouse. It has oval pseudobulbs of up to 6 cm long with flowers in arching racemes, up to 20 flowers on one stalk. Each flower is 10 cm in diameter, white with pink and brown patches, and a red-and-yellow marked lip. This species has many varieties.

Odontoglossum maculatum is closely resembles Odontoglossum cordatum. It bears flowers with brown sepals and pale yellow petals with brown patches.

Odontoglossum typically bloom once a year and can be grown in the home, as well as sheltered area in the garden.

Odontoglossum cordatumOdontoglossum cordatum
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Odontoglossum crispumOdontoglossum crispum
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Odontoglossum crocidipterumOdontoglossum crocidipterum
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Odontoglossum grandeOdontoglossum grande
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Odontoglossum praestansOdontoglossum praestans
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Odontoglossum pendulaOdontoglossum pendula
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Odontoglossum pulchellumOdontoglossum pulchellum
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Odontoglossum cruentumOdontoglossum cruentum
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Odontoglossum tenueOdontoglossum tenue
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