Blushing bromeliad (Nidularium fulgens)

Blushing bromeliad (Nidularium fulgens) is a species of bromeliad in the family Bromeliaceae, endemic to Brazil. It should not be confused with Neoregelia carolinae, which is also commonly known as blushing bromeliad. Both Nidularium fulgens and Neoregelia carolinae have white flowers surrounded by bright red bracts. Nidularium fulgens is a good container plant of low maintenance and gives showy flowers.

Nidularium fulgens forms a 75 cm flat rosette on the ground. The leaves are green, wide, motted with darker green spots and serrated margins along the edges. The inner leaves are pointed and blush bright red or pink, 5-8 cm long. The plant dies off 1-2 years after flowering.

Nidularium fulgens grows well in partial sun or bright shade, and well-drained soil. Water when the surface dries out. Propagation is by offsets or seeds. Watch out for scales and mealy bugs.

Blushing bromeliad (Nidularium fulgens)Blushing bromeliad (Nidularium fulgens)
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