Blushing bromeliad (Neoregelia carolinae)

Blushing bromeliad (Neoregelia carolinae) is a species of bromeliad in the family bromeliaceae, native to Brazil. Its common name comes from the bright red color when the plant is about to flower. Neoregelia carolinae is also known as Cartwheel plant and has many cultivars. Neoregelia carolinae should not be confused with Nidularium fulgens, which is also commonly known as blushing bromeliad. Both Neoregelia carolinae and Nidularium fulgens have white flowers surrounded by bright red bracts.

Blushing bromeliad is a very beautiful plant especially when viewed from above. It bears a spreading rosette of strap-shaped leaves, 30 cm long and 5 cm wide, with serrated margins. The leaves come in a range of colors, from dark green to variegated forms with stripes of cream, white and rose pink. The center of the plant changes to bright red or purple when it is about to flower. The vivid color remains for a few months, whereas the non-showy small white, pink or blue flowers that emerge from the flattened central 'crown' are short-lived.

Blushing bromeliad (Neoregelia carolinae)Blushing bromeliad (Neoregelia carolinae)
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