Mizuna (Brassica rapa var. nipposinica)

Mizuna (Brassica rapa var. nipposinica) is a leaf vegetable in the family Brassicaceae. It is also known as Japanese Mustard, Japanese Greens, Spider Mustard, California Peppergrass, Water Greens, Potherb Mustard, Kyona and Xui Cai.

Mizuna grows up to 30-45 cm tall with a 30 cm spread. It has glossy,saw-toothed, dark green leaves and narrow white stalks. The leaves have a characteristic mild, tangy, peppery, and cabbage flavor. Tender leaves make an excellent mix for salads, nabemono, and soups. They are generally mixed with other lettuces to enhance the flavor, appearance, and nutritional value of salad.

It is vigorous, adaptable and easy to grow in most soils. It prefers full sun or partial shade, and well-drained, fertile soil. Best sown in late summer, it can also be sown in spring or even autumn if given some winter protection. If the weather gets too hot and dry, it will bolt.

Mizuna (Brassica rapa var. nipposinica)Mizuna (Brassica rapa var. nipposinica)
Author: Toshimasa Ishibashi (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic)

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