Malva is a genus of flowering plants in family Malvaceae, comprising about 25-30 species. It bears a common name Mallow. It is native to the temperate, subtropical and tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and Europe. It is a herbaceous annual, biennial, or perennial plants, producing large, pink or white flowers.

Malva sylvestris (Common Mallow, High Mallow) is a vigorous plant with showy flowers of bright mauve-purple, with dark veins; growing freely in fields, hedgerows and in fallow fields.

Malva alcea (Hollyhock Mallow) has light green, scalloped leaves, and bears clusters of pink flowers from early summer to early autumn.

Malva moschata (Musk Mallow) is a woody-based perennial, has musk-scented foliage, bearing large pale pink or white flowers throughout summer.

Malva is useful for cottage garden or wildflower garden and also mixed border. Taller plants may need staking, especially in exposed areas. Plant Malva in full sun and well-drained soil. Propagation is by seed in spring. Rust can affect the growth of Malva.

Malva sylvestrisMalva sylvestris
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Malva alceaMalva alcea
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Malva moschataMalva moschata
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Malva neglectaMalva neglecta
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Malva tournefortianaMalva tournefortiana
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