Lagerstroemia floribunda

Species: Lagerstroemia floribunda
Family: Lythraceae
Local name: Bungur

Lagerstroemia floribunda, or known as Bungur in Malaysia, is a tree with beautiful flowers. It is a native of Burma, Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia. In Penang, it is often found by the roadside. The Lagerstroemia floribunda can grow to a height of 18 meters, although those cultivated do not reach that height.

Lagerstroemia floribunda has a dense crown which can be conical, oval or cylindrical in shape. The trunk is fluted at the base while the bark is light brown and fleshy. The leaves are dark green and measures 10-25 cm in length, and 5-10 cm in width. The tree bears pink to purplish flowers. What is unusual about the flowers is that they turn white as they age, so that a tree may appear to have flowers of two colors. The flowers are borne on panicles that are up to 40 cm in length. Some times you can find woody fruits in each panicle. The fruits are oblong and contain small, dark brown seeds.

Lagerstroemia floribunda can easily be propagated from seed. It flowers at intervals throughout the year. When planted in parks or gardens, it does not usually grow over 6 meters in height, and so does not overshadow surrounding plants and buildings.

The photos on this page were shot along Jalan Zainal Abidin in Penang.

Lagerstroemia floribunda (26 April 2009)
© Timothy Tye

Lagerstroemia floribunda (26 April 2009)
© Timothy Tye

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