Iberis (Candytuft)

Iberis (Candytuft) is a genus of flowering plant in the family Brassicaceae, comprising about 50 species of annuals, perennials and evergreen subshrub.

Candytuft is easy to grow, cold hardy and fast growing. It has lance-shaped green leaves and small fragrant flowers in white, pink, lilac or red-pink colors. Grow well in full sun or light shade, moisture-retentive but well-drained, neutral to alkaline soil. Ideal for rock gardens, bedding and borders. Lightly trim plants after flowering and need to be replaced every two to three years.

Propagation can be done either through seed in spring or autumn or softwood cuttings in spring. Need to look out for clubroot disease.

Iberis umbellataIberis umbellata
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Iberis saxatilis L ssp saxatilisIberis saxatilis L ssp saxatilis
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