Celtis (Hackberry)

Celtis (Hackberry) is a genus of deciduous trees in the family Cannabaceae, comprising about 60-70 species. It can be found growing in warm temperate regions of Northern Hemisphere. Hackbery species are generally medium-sized trees and can grow to 10-25 m tall. The leaves, 3-15 cm long, are alternate, simple, ovate-acuminate with evenly serrated margins. Several species are grown as ornamental trees, valued for their drought resistance.

In early spring, small monoecious flowers are borne while the leaves are still developing. Male flowers are longer and fuzzy, and female flowers are greenish and more rounded.

The fruit is a small drupe 6-10 mm in diameter, with a dryish but sweet taste, reminiscent of a date. Many species in the genus have edible berries.

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