Faucaria is a genus of flowering succulents of the family Aizoaceae, comprising about 33 species. It is native to South Africa, in Cape Province and the Karoo desert. Faucaria is derived from Latin word fauces which means animal's mouth, from the appearance of the leaves.

Faucaria is a clump-forming, stemless, perennial succulent with semi-cylindrical or three-angled fleshy green leaves. On the edges of the leaves, there are upright teeth in opposite pairs that looks like an animal's mouth. The plants are bright green, which in the event of strong sunshine. will turn into purple. It bears yellow flowers in the center of the rosette that open in the late afternoons in autumn. The buds and dead flowers may appear orange or red.

Faucaria grows well in full sun and well-drained soil. Water sparingly in spring and keep the plant dry in winter. Propagation is by seed or stem cuttings in spring or summer.

Faucaria tigrina (Tiger jaws), 10 cm high and 50 cm across, is a clump-forming, stemless succulent, with fleshy green leaves. The leaves are 5 cm long with 9-10 teeth along each margin. In autumn, it bears daisy-like yellow flowers, 5 cm across.

Faucaria tigrinaFaucaria tigrina
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Faucaria tigrinaFaucaria tigrina
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Flowers of Faucaria tigrinaFlowers of Faucaria tigrina
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Faucaria subintegraFaucaria subintegra
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