Daphne is a genus of flowering plants in the family Thymelaeaceae, comprising about 50-95 species. They are deciduous, evergreen shrubs, noted for their scented flowers and poisonous berries. The flowers lack petals and have four petaloid sepals, with colors ranging from greenish-yellow to white and purplish-pink to bright pink. The evergreen species tend to have greenish flowers, while the deciduous ones tend to have pink flowers. Flowering for many species is from winter to spring.

Daphne is planted in rock gardens, mixed borders or wooden gardens. Propagation is through ripe seed, softwood cuttings in summer, semi-ripe or evergreen cuttings in late summer. It needs sun or partial shade in fertile, moisture-rententive but well-drained soil. Pests and diseases are aphids, grey mould, leaf spot and viruses.

Daphne odoraDaphne odora
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Daphne philippiDaphne philippi
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Daphne genkwaDaphne genkwa
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Daphne sericeaDaphne sericea
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