Cortinarius caperatus

Cortinarius caperatus is an edible mushroom commonly known as Gypsy mushroom and wrinkled rozites. It can be found across northern Europe, mainly in Scandinavia, northern North America and temperate Asia. This mushroom appears in coniferous, beech woods and heathland in late summer and autumn.

Cortinarius caperatus is a mushroom with a buff to brownish-ochre cap covered with whitish fibers, and a wrinkled and furrowed texture. The cap has a lilac tinge when young, convex or umbonate, while the stipe is whitish with a ring. The flesh is cream-colored with a mild taste.

Cortinarius caperatusis a highly regarded mushroom with a mild flavor. It mixes well with the stronger-flavored fungi such as chanterelles, boletes, brittlegills or milk-caps. Check the mushrooms for maggots as picked mushrooms are known to easily with them. Cortinarius caperatus is sold commercially in Finland.

Cortinarius caperatusCortinarius caperatus
Author: E rulez (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0)

Cortinarius caperatusCortinarius caperatus
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Cortinarius caperatusCortinarius caperatus
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