Clitocybe nuda

Clitocybe nuda is commonly known as wood blewit. It is an edible mushroom, found growing on decaying leaf litter in coniferous and deciduous woodlands in Europe and North America.

Clitocybe nuda is a mushroom with lilac to purple pink with a distinctive odor, somewhat like a frozen orange juice. Some North American species are duller and towards brown, but usually have purplish tones on the stems and gills.

Wood blewits can be confused with certain purple Cortinarius species, many of which are poisonous. They can be distinguished by odor and spore print. Wood blewits have light (white to pale pink) spore print; while Cortinarius species have rusty brown spore print.

Wood blewit is edible but may cause allergic reactions in some sensitive individuals. It is better to eat it cooked than raw. It can be made into a cream sauce or sauteed in butter.

Clitocybe nudaClitocybe nuda
Author: Dan Molter (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0-unported)

Clitocybe nudaClitocybe nuda
Author: Archenzo (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0)

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