The Calliandra, which often go by the common name Powderpuff, is an evergreen shrub with pinnate or bi-pinnate leaves and striking flowers consisting of thin red thread which are its stamens. The Calliandra comes from Central America, especially Mexico, and some places in South America, including Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador and Surinam.

The following is a list of the Calliandra species:

  • Calliandra bella
  • Calliandra biflora
  • Calliandra brevipes
  • Calliandra californica
  • Calliandra calothyrsus
  • Calliandra chilensis
  • Calliandra conferta
  • Calliandra cruegeri
  • Calliandra eriophylla
  • Calliandra erubescens
  • Calliandra foliolosa
  • Calliandra grandiflora
  • Calliandra guildingii
  • Calliandra haematocephala
  • Calliandra haematomma
  • Calliandra harrisii
  • Calliandra houstoniana
  • Calliandra humilis
  • Calliandra inaequilatera
  • Calliandra juzepczukii
  • Calliandra laxa
  • Calliandra macrocalyx
  • Calliandra macrocephala
  • Calliandra parviflora
  • Calliandra parvifolia
  • Calliandra peninsularis
  • Calliandra physocalyx
  • Calliandra purpurea
  • Calliandra riparia
  • Calliandra surinamensis
  • Calliandra tergemina
  • Calliandra tweediei

    Botanical Name Calliandra
    Blooms Red flowers, occasionally pink and white
    Planting condition Well-lit position
    Propagation Raise from cuttings
    Watering Keep compost moderately moist throughout the year. Water generously on hot summer days.
    Pests Prone to attacks by whitefly.

    Calliandra Photo Album

    Calliandra californicaCalliandra californica
    Author: Sten Shebs (GFDL)

    Calliandra emarginata, the pink powderpuffCalliandra emarginata, the pink powderpuff
    Author: Phyzome (GFDL)

    Calliandra eriophilla, grown as a bonsaiCalliandra eriophilla, grown as a bonsai
    Author: Andreas (cc-by-2.0)

    Calliandra tweediCalliandra tweedi
    Author: AndreasPraefcke (GFDL)

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