Broughtonia refers to a genus of sympodial orchids that come from the Cuba, Jamaica and the Greater Antilles. They are related to Cattleya and Laelia, but are quite miniature in comparison. There are a total of 6 species.

The Broughtonia have beautiful small flowers which are dark red to purple or pink in colour. These are produced in small clusters of up to six or seven flowers. The flower stem is apical, slender and stiff, and measures at least 8 inches )2-cm) in length. The flowers are about 1 inch (2-3 cm) in diameter. It is one of my (Tim) favourite orchids. I used to grow it to enjoy its dainty blooms.

Broughtonia can be grown on cork, blocks of wood or charcoal. They have small elongated pseudobulbs which you should stand over the planting material and let the roots grow downwards. They should be grown in small to medium-size pots.

Broughtonia sanguineaBroughtonia sanguinea
Author: Samual Curtis (public domain)


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