Heart of Flame (Bromelia balansae)

Heart of flame (Bromelia balansae) is a species of bromeliad in the family Bromeliaceae, native to Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil.

Bromelia balansae, 1.5 m tall, is an erect, evergreen and extremely hardy plant. It can withstand extended drought and frost. It bears a large rosette of striking silver green foliage with curved, vicious dagger-tipped spines on the edge. When in flower, the normally-green central leaves, turn into a fiery red and providing a contrast backdrop to the white felted flower spike bearing purple flowers.

Bromelia balansae is suitable for dry, rocky, isolated spots in desertscapes. Do not over-water the plant, allow the soil to dry for a few days between watering.

Heart of flame (Bromelia balansae)Heart of flame (Bromelia balansae)
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