Flaming torch (Billbergia pyramidalis)

Flaming torch (Billbergia pyramidalis) is an epiphytic bromeliad in the family Bromeliaceae, native to Brazil. It is grown for foliage and the red torch-like flower with blue stigma and yellow stamens.
Billbergia pyramidalis is a hardy and beautiful plant with red flower. The plant has spines or sharp edges and little roots. The leaves form a well to collect and hold moisture. These wells are also used to catch the fallen leaves from the trees. As the leaves decay, the bromeliad leaves absorb the nutrients.

Flaming torch grows well in shade to partial shade, but not under the sunlight. Plant it under the trees so that the fallen leaves from the trees can land in the well between leaves, providing all the necessary nutrients. It is advisable to keep water in the funnel at the center of the rosette during the growing season. If flowering is not happening even though the plant is growing well, try wrapping it in a plastic bag with some ripe apples for a few days. The ethylene gas released by the apples can induce flowering.

Propagation is by division of rhizome, tubers, corms or bulbs (including offsets).

Flaming torch (Billbergia pyramidalis)Flaming torch (Billbergia pyramidalis)
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