Red Trailing Bauhinia (Bauhinia kockiana)

The Red Trailing Bauhinia (Bauhinia kockiana) is a tropical vine with beautiful orangy-red flowers. Bauhinia kockiana is often also called the "Orchid Tree". When in full bloom the Red Trailing Bauhinia makes a gorgeous addition to gardens and patios. Well tended Bauhinia kockiana will bloom through out the year. It loves full sun, moderate watering and the occasional fertilizing.

Botanical Name Bauhinia kockiana
Common Name Red Trailing Bauhinia
Blooms Orangy red. The flower consists of a calyx and corolla of 5 segments each.
Planting condition Full sun
Watering Normal watering. The plant can suffer from sunstroke if left without water for a few days.

Bauhinia kockiana Photo Album

Bauhinia kockianaBauhinia kockiana
Author: Timothy Tye © The Flowering Garden.

A grove of Bauhinia kockianaA grove of Bauhinia kockiana
Author: Timothy Tye © The Flowering Garden.

Close-up of the Bauhinia kockiana vineClose-up of the Bauhinia kockiana vine
Author: Timothy Tye © The Flowering Garden.

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