Ascocentrum is a small genus of monopodial orchids that closely resemble Vanda. They are found in the tropics, especially in the humid lowlands of the Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Myanmar. In northern Malaysia, there are two species found in the jungle. They live on trees in deciduous forests. It is often crossed with Vanda to produce the miniature orchids called Ascocenda.

Ascocentrum look a lot like Vanda. Their flowers have flat petals and sepals and of even colours. They are quite a sight when they bloom. A well-tended plant, even a small one, can produce a few inflorescences with lots of flowers.

Due to their epiphytic nature in the wild, Ascocentrum enjoy being grown in suspended baskets. They should be given 25-50% shade.

Here are the various species of Ascocentrum:

  • Ascocentrum ampullaceum
  • Ascocentrum curvifolium
  • Ascocentrum hendersonianum
  • Ascocentrum miniatum

Ascocentrum ampullaceumAscocentrum ampullaceum
Author: Badlydrawnboy22 (cc-by-3.0)


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