Amelanchier is known by many names including shadbush, serviceberry, sarvisberry, juneberry, Saskatoon, shadblow, shadwood, sugarplum, and wild-plum. It is a genus that comprises about 20 species of small deciduous trees and large shrubs in the family Rosaceae.

Amelanchier comes from the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Most species come from North America, particularly the northern part of United States and southern Canada - you can find it in every US state except Hawaii. There are also two species in Asia and one in Europe.

Amelanchier Photo Album

Amelanchier alnifoliaAmelanchier alnifolia
Author: Meggar (GFDL)

Amelanchier asiaticaAmelanchier asiatica
Author: Kenpei (GFDL)

Amelanchier canadensisAmelanchier canadensis
Author: Rasbak (GFDL)

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