Ajuga (Carpet bugle)

Ajuga(Carpet Bugle) is a genus of annual and perennial herbaceous flowering plants. They are from the mint family Lamiaceae, which can be found from Europe to Asia, and Africa, as well as with two species found in southeastern Australia. The Ajuga can grow to 5-50 cm tall, with opposite leaves.

The Ajuga has blue and occasionally pink or white flowers on leafy spikes. The names of cultivars usually provide an indication to the character of the leaves. The flower spikes are about 15 cm tall. The Ajuga spread by runners to colonize new areas.

Ajuga is an easy to grow evergreen or semi-evergreen plant which tolerates wide range of soil condition. It grows well in partial shade, moist soil. Propagation is softwood cuttings in summer. The plant can be affected by powdery mildew.

The following is a selection of ajuga species:

  • Ajuga australis - Australian Bugle
  • Ajuga decumbens - Kiransou
  • Ajuga bombycina
  • Ajuga bracteosa
  • Ajuga campylantha
  • Ajuga campylanthoides
  • Ajuga chamaepitys - Yellow Bugle
  • Ajuga chasmophila
  • Ajuga chia
  • Ajuga ciliata
  • Ajuga decaryana
  • Ajuga decumbens
  • Ajuga dictyocarpa
  • Ajuga flaccida
  • Ajuga forrestii
  • Ajuga genevensis - Blue Bugle, Geneva Bugleweed
  • Ajuga glabra
  • Ajuga iva
  • Ajuga japonica
  • Ajuga laxmannii
  • Ajuga linearifolia
  • Ajuga lobata
  • Ajuga lupulina
  • Ajuga macrosperma
  • Ajuga makinoi
  • Ajuga mollis
  • Ajuga multiflora
  • Ajuga nipponensis
  • Ajuga nubigena
  • Ajuga oblongata
  • Ajuga oocephala
  • Ajuga ophrydris
  • Ajuga orientalis
  • Ajuga ovalifolia
  • Ajuga pantantha
  • Ajuga piskoi
  • Ajuga postii
  • Ajuga pygmaea
  • Ajuga pyramidalis - Pyramidal Bugle
  • Ajuga relicta
  • Ajuga remota
  • Ajuga reptans - Common Bugle
  • Ajuga robusta
  • Ajuga salicifolia
  • Ajuga sciaphila
  • Ajuga shikotanensis
  • Ajuga taiwanensis
  • Ajuga tenorii - Bugleweed
  • Ajuga vestita
  • Ajuga xylorrhiza
  • Ajuga yesoensis

    Ajuga pyramidalisAjuga pyramidalis
    photo sourcehttp://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ajuga_pyramidalis_01.jpg
    authorshipRainer J. Wagner
    photo licensing

    Ajuga nipponensisAjuga nipponensis
    photo sourcehttp://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ajuga_nipponensis1.jpg
    photo licensing

    Ajuga genevensisAjuga genevensis
    photo sourcehttp://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ajuga_genevensis_150505b.jpg
    authorshipDual License
    photo licensing

    Ajuga decumbensAjuga decumbens
    photo sourcehttp://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ajuga_decumbens2.jpg
    photo licensing

    Ajuga reptansAjuga reptans
    photo sourcehttp://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ajuga_reptans_20070429_132711_1.jpg
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