Achimenes is a flowering plant from the Gesneriaceae family. It is a deciduous perennial plant that has a bushy habit with unbranched stems. The leaves are dark green and oval to lancet in shape and crenate. The flowers consists of five linked petals ending in a tube. The colors vary from white to pink and purple. Achimenes has a scaly underground rhizome.


Achimenes comes from Central and South America. There are about 50 species all together from Brazil, Mexico and Guatemala.


Achimenes dislikes direct sunlight. Put them in good light but out of the sun. If they do not get enough light, their stems will grow long and leggy and no flower buds will form.


In the growing and flowering season, water Achimenes regularly using tepid, softened water. Do not let the soil ball dry out. When the flower buds appear, they need higher atmospheric humidity through frequent spraying.


Give lime-free fertiliser solution at normal strength once every ten days when the plant is growing and flowering. You can also dip the pot into tepid water to which you have mixed the fertiliser.


Use lime-free mixture that is rich in humus. Place a few crocks in the bottom of the pot to improve drainage.


Propagating of Achimenes can be done through the rootstock, cuttings or seed. Large rhizomes can be split before repotting. This should be done during spring. Growth is more vigorous through cuttings.


Greenfly, thrips, eelworms. Affected plants are best thrown away. Achimenes grandifloraAchimenes grandiflora
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