The Abelia is a shrub with lots of pinkish white flowers. They are usually planted against a shelter such as a fence or a wall. Abelia floribunda are more compact, with masses of bright pink flowers. Abelia chinensis bears pink-tinged white flowers which has a scent.

Abelia flowers in late summer. Abelia chinensis flowers from midsummer to autumn. The buds are borne from late summer until the first frost.

Botanical Name Abelia
Planting condition Full sun and well-drained soil
Propagation Fresh cuttings in early summer, semi-ripe cuttings in late autumn
Pests and diseases Usually trouble free

  Abelia Photo Gallery

Abelia floribundaAbelia floribunda
Author: Topjabot (GFDL)

Abelia x grandifloraAbelia x grandiflora
Author: FlickrLickr (cc-by-2.0)

Abelia serrataAbelia serrata
Author: Sten Porse (GFDL)

Abelia hybridAbelia hybrid
Author: Jean-Jacques MILAN (GFDL)

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