Potato Tree

Solanum macranthum

Solanum macranthum, which go by the whimsical common name of Potato Tree or even Giant Potato Tree, is a bushy tree with purple-white flowers that can grow to a height of 15 feet. It is native to Brazil, and is a species within the Solanum genus. A related species is Solanum crispum, also called the Chilean potato vine or Chilean potato tree.

Botanical Name Solanum macranthum
Common Name Potato Tree, Giant Potato Tree
Blooms Purple-white, white, pink, red, dark red flowers
Planting condition Partial shade to full sun
Propagation Division is the common method as seeds take a long time to germinate and reach flowering size.
Watering Needs lots of water. Soil should be kept moist, but with good drainage.
Pests Bulb mites.

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Potato Tree (Solanum macranthum)
Potato Tree (Solanum macranthum)
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