About Us


We are Tim and Esther, husband and wife. All our lives we have enjoyed gardening and getting to know various plants and flowers. We are neither professional gardeners nor florists. We are simply plant lovers and flower enthusiasts.

We now live in a small apartment where there is no opportunity for us to do any gardening. Well, to be honest, we are not very good at gardening! Nevertheless, both of us love flowers, plants and trees, so we thought the next best thing to do is to create a website where we can enjoy photographs of all the flowers (and plants and trees) from all over the world.

Today we have an ever growing garden on the web. It's a garden where the flowers never stop blooming. Where the plants never need watering. The trees never needed tending, and they never shed their leaves - unless we want them to. No, at the Flowering Garden, they stay fresh day after day.

Thank you for stepping into our Flowering Garden. Find a nice spot and let the flowers embrace you. Feel free to step on the grass, sit on the lawn, watch the butterfly flutter by. Smell the roses. Experience the solitude, the serenity, the peace of our Flowering Garden.

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